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What's Up With Tim?
Written by Shayla K. Heavner -- Published Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 19:16 MST
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With three episodes down, my theories spanning some 10,000 words, at least two of my hypotheses actually confirmed, and a bit of a slow episode lacking in many clues to the mystery, I’m taking a break from a lengthy post this week. If you are new to my site please take the time to scan over my first two articles (see: Putting Extant Under the Microscope & Digging Deeper into the Rabbit Hole) as many of my ideas are still in play and hopefully we will gain more information or answers on tonight’s episode for my next post. I have a few topics to touch on so let’s jump right into this week’s update for Extant!

The biggest enigma last week was Tim. While at first glance he seemed authentic, as soon as they took the group picture I knew he would be missing from the proof. Although we have become accustomed to hallucinations in the world of Extant, Tim was unique and his secrets have me a bit stumped but I have some plausible ideas as to how, and why, he materialized. When we saw Marcus and Kryger’s mother they appeared to be like learning organisms, only repeating the last words of their host. Tim however, was able to carry on a conversation with Molly which was extremely different than his predecessors. The best theory I can fathom is that the hallucinations of Marcus and Kryger’s mother weren’t “traditional” hallucinations but rather the alien virus’s way of appearing to its host. As I spoke of in previous posts, it’s similar to Contact I in which the extraterrestrial took the form of Ellie’s father as to not frighten her and as a platform of communication that would be most effective. In Tim’s case, I believe that he is not a representation of the alien organism but a normal hallucination connected to a sickening brain. Humans often hallucinate in cases of mental illness or encephalitis, a virus that has broken the brain/blood barrier and infected the mind. Tim could simply be Molly’s own brain reacting to the neurovirus infecting it. Here’s the rub: earlier in the episode we heard Sparks say that he would get Molly to come in for more testing on her own volition, so what chance is there that her symptoms happen to worsen causing her to do just that? Perhaps, Molly’s brain isn’t worsening causing hallucinations but instead Sparks gave her something to cause mental instability in order to get her to the hospital for tests. I think the most obvious way of achieving this was when Sparks’ second in command, Kern, returned Molly’s mouthpiece that monitors her health. He mentioned something about it being sanitized and most plausibly it was coated in a hallucinogen which caused Tim to appear. Basically they drugged her to increase her symptoms so that she would feel unstable and agree to an inpatient stay.

As was stated in the last episode the story is so twisted that a plausible lie was necessary and I think that Extant has created a crazy conspiracy with extraterrestrial viruses growing in an astronaut’s womb, her employer and a wealthy funder aspiring to utilize the fetus to alter the makeup of the human race. Throw in the robot angle and we have a ride that is anything but lacking! Tune into Extant tonight on CBS and check back here for a full-sized article next week that will build on the original theories from my first two articles, Tim, and whatever new clues and mysteries present themselves. Thanks for reading and please feel free to add your thoughts, theories and comments below!


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